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Mensheviks was a party formed in 1903 from a split in the RSDLP (Russian Social Democratic Labor Party).  The word Menshevik means “minority” in Russian. During 1905-1907 Mensheviks opposed the working class.

A member of a wing of the RSDLP before and during the Russian revolution.

They believed in:

  • Creating socialism through bourgeois revolution.
  • Opposed the soviet government with armies
  • Opposed a plan for a party restricted to professional revolution
  • They wanted to achieve socialism democratically.

They revolted against the bourgeois, and established socialism. Mensheviks tended to be moderate and were more positive toward the liberal conditions.

Mensheviks vs. Bolsheviks

The first meeting: 

On July 1903 the fifty-seven delegates gathered around in Brussels. Georgi Plekhanov was elected and represented the Russian Marxists.

The delegate’s fair uneasy and unfair, that’s why they moved to London, where they start meetings and gathered around. It became clear the party split in two groups and points of view, the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks.[]
In August of that same year they gathered around at the 2nd congress of RSDLP (Russian Social Democratic Labor Party).[]
The main themes they talked about it were:[]
The editorial committee of the party newspaper “Iska”.[]
Definition of a party member and leader[]


In one side were the Bolsheviks, command by Vladimir Lenin, they believed in a party of professional revolutionaries, in the revolutionary working class and principally in communism.[]
Meanwhile Mensheviks though in congress, support among social democrats and they belief in building up a parallel party organization.[]
The Bolsheviks almost always have a higher percentage of votes; from there they took its representative name “majority ” and Mensheviks who receive the least “Minority ”[]


Menshevik contribution:

In 1919 Mensheviks opposed war communism and gave an alternative programmed, were later on some of their proposals were incorporated into Bolsheviks economy.[]
Years later the congress decided to set up a central committee, were Mensheviks own it, however on November 16th they announced their registration from editorial board and party council. []
Iska owned to the Menshevik organ[]

On May 4 1917 Mensheviks took the government and other socialist-liberal coalition with social revolutionaries and liberal democrats took it and made it.


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